Jump Start

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Jump Start Service in Buckhead, GA

Here at Buckhead Roadside Assistance & Mobile Tire Repair, one of our roadside assistance services is providing jump starts to dead batteries. A depleted car battery is one of the most frequent things that can happen to people. It’s inconvenient, and we know it! That’s why we offer this jump start service. We want to make sure everyone in Buckhead knows that if they’re ever in a rut, we are here and happy to help. 

Lots of things can cause your car battery to drain, maybe some that you didn’t even know. Maybe you left your headlights on, left interior lights on, forgot to close the trunk, or even went on excessive short drives. Things that you don’t control can drain your battery, such as extreme temperatures, a defective alternator, or maybe you just have an old battery. 

Regardless of the one or many reasons that collaborated to drain your battery, you probably didn’t see it coming. And now that it happened, you’re stuck on the side of the road! 

You just need one number to get you out of the situation, and that is Buckhead Roadside Assistance & Mobile Tire Repairs‘ contact. 

I jump started my car by myself, and it didn’t work. Will your jump start work?


So you tried to jump start your car with your own jumper cables, and it wouldn’t startup? Either you made a mistake in the process of jump starting your vehicle, or there is something else going on than just a drained battery. A jump start is made to just give your vehicle a little ‘jump’ enough to get it running far enough to recharge the battery or to buy a new one. If your battery is past the point of being recharged, it won’t start up with a jump start. Vehicle batteries do not last forever, so yours may just be completely depleted and drained. You could also have a bad starter or alternator preventing it from starting. You could be even using bad jumper cables. If your jump starts don’t work, we can certainly come over and try to give you a jump ourselves. But, there is a large probability that it won’t because there is most likely another issue with your vehicle. At this point, it would be more recommended to get a new battery put in and get your vehicle towed until you resolve the issue.

Jump Start Service in Buckhead, GA

How many times can I jump-start my car?

The golden number of how many times you can jump-start your car safely is… you guessed it, lucky number 3! If it doesn’t work the first time, you can try it one or two more times. Around three tries, if it is not starting the vehicle, you most likely need a completely new battery. Stay safe and call Buckhead Roadside Assistance & Mobile Tire Repair to help you out. 

How long should my car run after getting a jump start?

We recommend letting your car continue to run for a good half an hour after jumping. Thirty minutes is likely to be long enough to charge your battery so that the next time you start your vehicle, it will turn on. Even though the jump start got your car running, it will only do it that one time; you need to have the battery charged before you try to restart the vehicle. That’s why we recommend keeping it running after a jump so that you give your battery time to charge. 

How can I avoid my car battery dying?

There are a few ways to avoid getting into a situation where you need to call someone to jump start your car. Not that we aren’t always here to help if this does happen, but we just want to share some pointers to help you out. First, you must understand that car batteries commonly die from parasitic drainage. Now, what this means is that different electrical devices in your vehicle run on the battery, and if you leave these on, they suck out a lot of your battery’s life. So, try to remember not to keep your electrical devices on even if the ignition is off. Another big mistake people make is accidentally leaving their lights on in their car. Just set them to that automatic switch, and don’t touch it. It makes life easier. Sometimes there are factors you can control that drain your battery; even though you can’t control them, you can be aware of them. Extreme temperatures and faulty vehicle components are big ones. Always be safe and get routine maintenance checks with your mechanic to make sure your car battery isn’t running low.